Horizontal facade blinds

The most effective protection against the sun’s rays:

  • Blinds are installed outside. Thus, it is retained even up to 80% of solar energy entering through the window.
  • Air circulating between the blinds and the window remains the same temperature.
  • Blinds can be used to adjust the room lighting, by directing the light to the ceiling or floor. This is highly important for quality conditions of working environment (as defined by work safety regulations).
  • During the day, they help maintain pleasant coolness (optimally protects the room from overheating), while in winter help save expenses, as they act as an additional heat bridge.
  • It is a rare case among building administrators that they take into account air conditioning costs – external horizontal blinds significantly reduce air conditioning costs.

External blinds stand out by their reliability:

  • Since bands of blinds are made of aluminum, the product is environmentally-friendly.
  • Outstanding anti-corrosive properties.
  • UV-stabilized.
  • And other atmospheric influences (profiles are covered with special polymer).

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